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***Check with us often for money saving tips. In these times every bit helps!***
***Change your air filter with pleated air filters every 3 months for maximum air flow
and efficiency from the system. Pleated filters catch more dust and debris that gets through standard air filters and keeps the unit running at peak efficiency.
A 3-pack of pleated filters cost about $10.00 at the big box hardware stores and are well worth it.
Dont waste $12.00-$15.00 on one filter,Thats a waste!
***Install a programmable thermostat for when you are not at home,.For every degree the thermostat is set back when you are not there will save10%per degree on your power bill.
***Make sure your heat pump system has freon in it during the winter months, just like in the summer.a heat pump system will run all year long. If it is low on freon it will not heat properly and the electric heat strips will run and create a higher power bill.
***Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Owners---- Check to see if the dryer vent is near the outdoor unit. If it is the outdoor unit will draw lint into it while its running and cause excessive wear on the system. Any blockage on the outdoor coils will need to be removed.
***Check the top and bottoms of windows with a business card. Painters will caulk the sides of the windows, but somehow forget to seal the tops and bottoms. Simply place the card against the wall and push into the gap between the window trim and wall, If the card disappears the window needs to be sealed ! White lightning washable latex caulk is around$1.25 a tube.
You won't believe how much draft and air loss comes in through them.
***Electric water heater owners--- The tank of the heater should be flushed at least once a year.
If you are only getting 5-10 minutes of hot water from a 40 or 50 gallon tank, It may have a bad dip tube or possible bad elements. On the top or side of the heater is the pressure relief valve. Hold the pipe with your hand, if you feel hot water running through the pipe the relief valve is probably bad. You are actually heating water that is running outside of your house!
*** If your air vents are in the ceiling, make sure they are pointing toward the windows and doors and not away from them.
***If your gas furnace is over 10 years old get a carbon monoxide detector,If your home has more than 1 furnace buy 1 detector per furnace in the home. Install it in a location near a supply vent. 
***Check the batteries and test your smoke detectors RIGHT NOW because you will forget and you might thank me later ! Electric models only need to be tested.
***Did you know that if your heating and a/c equipment was made before 1992 you are paying 48% more on your monthly power bill compared to equipment manufactured since 2006.
Its true older systems are very inefficient and could potentially be hazardous !
Call us to evaluate your homes comfort system and discuss money saving options.
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